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Cyberhawk has been conducting drone inspections and providing visual asset management solutions to the utility sector since 2009. We help clients manage their whole power grid, including transmission, distribution, and substations. Cyberhawk’s industry-leading, cloud-based visual asset management software, iHawk takes data captured from drones, helicopters or ground patrols and converts it into powerful and usable management information.

Using a map-driven interface and traffic light color-coded reporting dashboard, iHawk allows easy access to inspection information and trends, with all inspection images and engineering commentary available. iHawk provides ‘one source of truth’, and the evidence required to make informed decisions.

Data Collection

Cyberhawk offers drone-based inspections to collect ultra-hi-res, comprehensive, close visual inspection data which significantly improves safety by reducing ‘at height’ working and by limiting our clients’ exposure to live power lines whilst decreasing inspection times by more than four times faster than traditional methods.

Data Processing

From Cyberhawk’s in-house inspection centers, our teams of industry engineers analyze the data collected to categorize and report on the size and location of defects of each asset, in accordance with the agreed defect standard. Our analysis and quality assurance process ensures inspection accuracy and efficiency, as inspectors only need to view images once to fully analyze.


iHawk offers a step-change in digital asset management for transmission and distribution operators. Our end-to-end inspection and asset management software solution provides operators with an up-to-date, full visual record of the condition of their assets which can be referred to by asset management and operations teams, senior managers and contractors. One central location to host all asset condition data means better communication, along with evidence to support decisions on maintenance, long-term planning, and budgeting. By hosting both new and historic data, iHawk allows the comparison of data sets over time as well as the conclusive the tracking of trends.

Data Collection
Data Processing
iHawk in Action

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Improve Safety; Reduce the use of Helicopters
We are replacing traditional methods of visual data collection. Manned helicopters and rope-access are no longer required, eliminating the dangers associated with working at height or in manned helicopters. Cyberhawk's drone-based data collection service is cheaper, faster and safer than traditional methods whilst providing a superior level of detailed data and service.
Better OpEx Management
Our team of industry-leading pilots and engineers are trained to the highest standard to perform full grid inspections. Using Drones, we can capture high-quality visual data for all your decision-making needs. Using your existing defect standard, or creating a new one, data can be processed and managed by iHawk's categorizer module, empowering your T&D teams with evidence-based decision making required to minimize unplanned outages and budget overspending.
Unlock Legacy Helicopter and Third-Party Data
iHawk is a cloud-based visual asset management software that enables full inspection, maintenance and repair of all major components of a power grid. In addition, iHawk has the capability to unlock legacy data such as helicopter's or third party drone data sets, and thanks to industry-specific functionalities such as the categorizer, or iSim modules, the project team can do much more. It can rate each image, compare images with previous ones, and even create a work order to conduct manned inspection or maintenance.

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