Our ESG responsibility

Like all modern businesses, we are increasingly aware of our responsibility to play a part in addressing the global climate crisis. Our Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) journey started in 2021 with specialist training and awareness of the senior leadership team to identify our impact, priorities and define our 5 year ESG strategy.

Since 2022, Cyberhawk™ is signatory to the United Nations Race to Zero campaign under the SME Climate Commitment and put our ESG strategy at the heart of our business. We want to help our customers and partners achieve their ESG targets, as well as our own.

Our Commitments

Our three pillars aim to contribute to the following of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:


Watch: Our first ever ESG Report

Our Governance

Cyberhawk was founded to remove people from hazardous situations by replacing dangerous asset inspection work – that traditionally has been completed by people – with drones. The health, safety & wellbeing of our people has always been our utmost priority – and that includes over any commercial, operational, environmental or social pressures.

We started to implement our ESG 2022-2027 plan with some effective actions and case studies developed in our annual reports. The next challenge is to engage more stakeholders all along our value chain.

How does this help your business?

As a potential supplier to your business, Cyberhawk would become a part of your supply chain. Our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment means in turn your overall environmental performance will improve. Plus you can have access to our reporting and efficiency statistics as it’s disclosed publicly and on our Customer Data Platform.

Want to learn more?

We appreciate your interest in our ESG Report and look forward to continuing on the path of Elevating Our People, Protecting the Planet and Doing Decent Business with you in the years to come.

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