Asset Management Partnership (AMP) for industrial inspection

Cyberhawk has transformed its clients’ asset management through a combination of UAV captured data, inspection design, engineering talent and cloud based software.

Cyberhawk is now searching for partners who have the capability to deploy this innovative approach to asset management in their local markets.

Benefits of Cyberhawk’s UAV inspection solution and iHawk software

  • Improves health and safety and increases efficiency.
  • Provides standards-based inspection backed up with rigorous governance.
  • Eliminates storage and backup issues.
  • Delivers “one source of truth” for asset management with a simple and intuitive map-based interface.
  • High Definition photographic evidence behind each inspection classification.

How does the AMP work?iHawk infographic Vs3 (1)-5

This is a collaboration between Cyberhawk and a local partner, with the following roles:

Local partner

  • Capture of UAV inspection images.
  • Local business development.
  • Relationship with local customer.


  • Pilot training and aviation support.
  • Inspection design and engineering consultancy with the end customer.
  • Transformation of images into powerful asset management information using our Inspection Centre.
  • Delivering asset management information in iHawk cloud software.


To find out more, please email and provide your company name and background, location, target customers and details of why you are interested in becoming a partner.